How To Start A Restaurant Business In Nigeria (Step-by-Step guide)

Although there are a lot of business ideas in Nigeria that are very good to consider but the restaurant business is one of the most lucrative among them, the reason is that food is a necessity of life, people must eat to live or can you and fortunately you start the restaurant business with as minimal capital as possible.

Going into the restaurant business in Nigeria can be a wise and lucrative decision. There is no one person in Nigeria and the World in general that can stay for long without food.

Many people can’t find time to cook because of their busy lives; some can’t even find time to go to the store to buy groceries, let alone cook. For some, it’s due to the nature of their work, while for others, it’s simply because they’re lazy. So leveraging these opportunities to build a business out of it will be the best business decision one can make.

Are you looking for a business in Nigeria that you can start and profit from? Are you thinking about opening a restaurant and want to know more about how to get started?

In this guide, I’ll lead you through a step-by-step process for starting and running a profitable restaurant business in Nigeria and other parts of the world. We’ll also talk about how much it may cost to start a restaurant business in Nigeria and more.

Basic things to consider before you start a Restaurant Business In Nigeria

Before you can start any business, you must first conceive the idea and follow with proper planning. Below are some simple but necessary steps to follow to set up a profitable restaurant business in Nigeria.


Before you start any business, you need to have a reasonable amount of money at hand. Cut your cloth according to your size; it’s a common proverb that makes a lot of sense.

Start with what you have and expand it, or take a loan. Before applying for a loan, prepare a restaurant business plan based on a feasibility assessment of restaurants in your area. Another option is to seek financial assistance from friends and relatives.


It’s important to position your restaurant business in a strategic and high-traffic area. You may decide to open your business in a market, a school environment, a car park, or an office area, particularly where there are many offices nearby, such as banks. Commercial centers, institutions.

Shop (accommodation)

Having Decide on the location of the business, the next thing is to get a place to rent or buy within the environment.
Inquire about how things are done there especially from those living there before you. This is important in other not to fall into a wrong hands.


Training is also another important part of starting a restaurant business in Nigeria, while this is not necessary as you can hire the service of the cook and the rest, it’s important as it helps you to get involved in the process.

Hire a qualified caterer and carefully learn from them, or go to a viable restaurant or catering school and acquire some training.

Employ Good Hands

Having a capable staff is important in setting up a restaurant business as it’ll lead to the growth of the business. When you offer a wonderful meal, it is one of the things that will keep customers coming back to your restaurant.

Employ at least one caterer to handle the cooking, and additional hands to assist with both the cooking and serving. As I previously stated, the restaurant business is extremely stressful, and you cannot do it alone unless you are just starting up or have a small target audience.

Employ at least two people for food service, depending on the size of your restaurant and how busy it is. You don’t want to make customers wait for long periods before serving them meals. If you do that, you will lose customers since many people would be unable to take it.

Sparkling environment

People are naturally inclined to attractive things and a pleasant environment. Set up your restaurant business in a standardized way. The surroundings should be clean and pleasant-smelling. You don’t want customers fighting flies while they’re eating.
Sew outfits for your employees, including aprons and hair covers, if possible.
Take cleanliness in your canteen seriously because it is believed that cleanliness is next to godliness.

Equipments needed to start a small restaurant in Nigeria

What are the types of equipment needed to start a small restaurant in Nigeria?
Startup costs for a restaurant can quickly pile up. Your list of restaurant equipment is one of the key initial costs to plan for, along with your commercial space rent, permits and licenses, and marketing fees.

You want to make sure that your servers, hosts, and kitchen workers have everything they need to accomplish their jobs well every day.

But which tools are essential?

Of course, this depends on the type of food you offer and the type of service you provide; a full-service restaurant has different requirements than a fast-food burger place. Having said that, there are some similarities in the equipment required by each restaurant.

Here are the 22 essential tools for quick-service and full-service restaurants: And also the Equipment needed to start a small restaurant in Nigeria can be found among them.

Chairs and tables
Ranges and ventilation
Food processors
Food prep counters and cutting boards
Freezers and refrigerators
Safety equipment
Storage racks and shelving
Cooking equipments
Storage containers
Kitchen Display System
Point of sale system
Steam table
Washing equipment
Sharpening stone
Ice maker
Gas or electric grill

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Restaurant business in Nigeria?

How much do I need to start a restaurant business in Nigeria? The cost of starting a restaurant business in Nigeria varies. Just like every other business, the size of the restaurant will determine the amount needed to set it up.

If it’s a mini restaurant, N100,000 is enough to kick start especially when you’re not renting an expensive space. But with a full-service restaurant, you’ll need to budget from 1 million above.

How profitable is the restaurant business in Nigeria?

Like I explained earlier, food is the everyday need of every human.
Restaurants businesses are largely recognized as one of Nigeria’s most profitable businesses today. When properly planned and executed, the business rarely has bad sales, owing to the fact that the target market for the business is seemingly unlimited.

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