My Name is Dorris; I Was Once Frustrated with Infertility (Fibroid) that Prevented Me From Having The Quality Of Life I've Ever Wanted Especially The Inability To Birth A Child Of My Own

I Got Rid Of Fibroid Without Surgery"


Dear Friend,

Tell me how you feel been unable to conceive after several attempts as a woman simply because of the good for nothing Fibroid that has made it look so complicated for you.

From the false pregnancy signal of missed periods, not ovulating, to the tenderness and increase breast size and recurrent miscarriage. My monthly periods were characterized with heavy flows which always leave me anaemic. This predicament took a toll on me; headache, fatigue, anxiety and depression were the other of the day.

I was in this predicament for over three years.

I had a society wedding and like most people, we planned the wedding, but we never paid attention to preparing for a baby.

We had always thought having a baby should happen almost immediately after our marriage as we will have to have regular sex and nature should just take it course, but it was not so.


It became three years of marriage, and my husband, and I are now worried as no cry of a baby in the home. I became more worried than him because in our society, the pressure of childlessness is more on the woman, and I am not ready to lose my husband.

Then I started paying attention to my body especially my reproductive health. And I had to visit the doctor who gave me the breaking news that I had Fibroid (about 3 of them in my uterus) and had been the cause of my inability to birth a child.

A surgery was advised, and since I was desperate to get out of my predicament, I went for the surgery. And viola, they grew back and even bigger than they were. I wasn't happy, it was affecting every facet of my life. And the thought of my doctor still suggesting another surgery to me made me more open-minded, if they didn't work the first time, why should I go for the another. It was obvious I needed help and this was what my friend saw and she reached out to me and I opened up to her.

I was initially skeptical when my friend told me about all the natural fertility programme she went through and in the course of 1 - 2 months, she was free of Fibroid and its complications. She now has a regular period, and ovulation and her menstrual cycle have returned to a 28 days period. The signs of constant headaches, depression, anxiety were all things of the past. Most importantly, her fibroids were completely dissolved.

I am never a doubting Thomas, but my desperation had to lead me to try out a similar programme which only did little -  I was still having heavy painful bleeding with lots of clots. I observed that the soreness in my breast was gone, but getting the result of another scan left me in dismay, as I was told that my fibroids were still there. I was so discouraged that I scheduled an appointment with my doctor to discuss other possibilities for removing the fibroids.


Why did I believe her more?

I saw her pregnancy report and her testifying about how she does not tend to feel any pains again.

Her result left me with no choice than to get mine.

And the positive change to my story emanated from there onward:

I simply followed the said Natural Solution my friend talked about as seen here. Which comes with various natural and organic supplement with also instructions on how to make use of them, within just 30 days of using this kit, I started to notice that the sharp pains that I always had were gradually going down. Usually, when I had my period it was always painful with large thick clots, which used to be worrisome, characterized with 3 - 4 days of heavy bleeding and my cycle lasting for 8 days. It began to feel painless and normal as my friend had told me it would do. Once this happened I canceled my appointment with my doctor and stayed loyal to my program. CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW THE SAME PROGRAM

So, I went for a scan to know the latest development, and this was it - I used to have three fibroids (one inside my uterus and the other two were within the wall of my uterus). The two within my uterus wall which used to be the size of a lime were completely dissolved, while the biggest which was within my uterus had reduced in size, from the size of an Orange to quail egg. You need to see my excitement. I decided to continue with the programme since I wasn't having any issue with my period and two of my three fibroids were gone.


And two months after, fibroid was completely gone...


I went for another scan and to my surprise and that of my doctor, my fibroid were gone. My doctor kept going over and over the scan result to make sure she was reading it correctly. She was amazed that all of my fibroids were completely gone without surgery.

To crown it up, My uterus was back to its normal size and my periods are no longer filled with heavy flow and pains. She asked me what I did to make them go away and I told her “I did what I should have done three years ago.

 There are not enough words to explain the happiness I have now. I wish I knew about this program when I first had fibroids but as the saying goes ‘things happen for a reason'”.

 I am so delighted with my experience that I now inspire others to experience for themselves the exceeding transformation this fibroid treatment program offers.


I strongly recommend you visit this site in case you know someone who has fibroid. It has changed my life and now I’m free! 

If you would like to learn more about what I used and how you too can cut off a deal with Fibroid and your inability to conceive, then click on the button below to go over the next few pages to check out what I used and also learn from the expert who will tell you everything that you need to know about how to naturally shrink your Fibroid, starting from Now.


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